I believe that it is a great training in many aspects, and the strongest two are: cognitive - in-depth revision of your views on yourself and getting to know each other again, and tool - great in simplicity tools, ready to use immediately after the meeting.

Kasia, coach i trener

The training of Asia and Patryk was conducted with great care and extremely professional. Very interesting and inspiring content. Pure pleasure! I highly recommend.


Katarzyna Rutecka

Joasia and Patryk are the right people in the right place! I recommend working with them with all my heart :)


Maja Wilk, terapeuta


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A friendly and inspiring space in the center of Krakow

Place of training


IPRI, Powroźnicza street, Kraków

Mind precedes any experience ...

Patryk Lange


I have been exploring and developing this way of thinking about functioning in the world and being a part of it since 2008, when Buddhism became my main path of development. Since then, I have been practicing continuously, I am more and more impressed with the truthfulness and universality of the teachings, the foundations of which were established over 2,500 years ago.


In my professional role, I am a coach and trainer, inviting and supporting clients to boldly explore their inner worlds, get to know themselves in this way, confront what is difficult and discover what is beautiful and supportive. The courage to be myself and the readiness to learn the truth about myself are the key motives of my work. I believe that the result is a sincere partnership with the Life we ​​are a part of and which we co-create.


I invite you to meet yourself at the coming TPLC workshop. It will be a journey into your inner world, using presence, mindfulness and noble simplicity in the spirit of concepts and tools created by Alan Seale.


Come and join us on a journey to Wisdom.

I release and transcend ...

Joanna Maria Zawada


I am a woman on a journey - real and metaphorical. In a continuous process of learning and development, traveling hundreds and thousands of kilometers as a trainer, coach or student.


For over 13 years, inspired by the co-active leadership of Karen and Henry Kimsey House, Alan Seal's Transforming Presence approach, U Theory and dialogue initiated by MiT scientists, as well as mystical spiritual paths, I have walked in the steps of various sizes, exploring awareness, presence and dialogue.


Is it the easy way? Certainly not. We live in a world of "quick wins", using force and taking pills for everything, the side effects of which are often more dangerous than the treatment itself. I don’t serve pills for success but help to create a lasting change.


I invite you to the TPLC workshop for those who feel the thrill of going on a journey. “Deep” means “true”, not hard.  To quote Joseph Campbell - The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek.


I believe that the journey creates a hero and hope you will join us on this one!




  • up to 3 months before the workshop - full refund

  • from 3 to 1 month - 70% refund

  • from 1 month to two weeks - 50% refund

  • less than 14 days - the amount will not be refunded 

The sooner the cheaper



Early Bird (until 2023.09.20): PLN 5800 net.

Standard: PLN 6600 net

40 ICF points

ICF accreditation


The course allows you to obtain 40 CCE (Continuing Coach Education)

Five days

The training


5 days, in-person

November 8-12, 2023


We will reflect on its meaning and redefine some concepts.


We will learn to create optimal conditions for deep and lasting change.


We will learn to awake our intuition and use it to gather information.


We will learn to quickly get to the bottom of the circumstances to accelerate deep changes in the lives of our clients.


We will learn the tools and practice coaching skills based on energy awareness.


We will learn the basic principles and methods based on
Transformational Presence.


Registration for training

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Information and logistics

You will get to know during the course

The program


  • We invite you to 5 intensive days, filled with inspirations, work, strength in close cooperation with others, during which you will expand your knowledge, learn methods and gain experience enabling deep and transforming work with people.


  • Working with the Transformational Presence methodology, we enable clients and employees to contact their authenticity and get to know themselves. By helping you deeply understand your identity and choices, it will create circumstances in which continuous development and change are possible.


  • As trainers, we work in deep awareness, accessibility and practicality and we teach this approach to the client during this workshop.


  • We will learn to work in a space where all thoughts, emotions and perceptions are pure energy. We will experience entering this energy and learn how to work with it. 



Joanna Maria Zawada (MCC) and Patryk Lange (PCC) invite you to a project created by Alan Seale



Coaching and leadership based on a Transformational Presence is a mindful approach to life, leadership and business.
It allows you to get to the bottom of the circumstances and situations, see the emerging potential, and finally use it to create new solutions resulting from choice and emerging opportunities.

Are you a leader or entrepreneur?

Do you care about people?


Transformational Presence will enable you to learn simple and effective tools that will make your work and the work of your team more effective and efficient.

Are you a coach?

Do you assist people in change?


Transformational Presence will help you  ensure that your clients achieve deep and lasting changes in their lives.


Because a deep change in the world begins with us

November 8 - 12, 2023, Cracow, Poland

Transformational Presence in Leadership and Coaching


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Copyrights © 2022 ITO. All Rights Reserved.


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