Beautiful nature and wonderful cuisine in the heart of Małopolska


Training Location


Nieprześnia 1, 40 km from Krakow

What a great workshop! In a short period of time I have gained a lot of in-depth insights into myself and my colleagues!


The training was fabulous - it exceeded all my expectations! 

Anna Kania

An extremely empowering meeting with one's own vocation, sense of meaning and the way to fulfillment.

Agata Hasso - Agopsowicz


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The world around is constantly changing, so let's play...

Vincent Sark


Since 2015, Vincent Sark has fully dedicated his professional life to being a change leader with Transformational Presence as the solid foundation. He is committed to bringing insights and sustainable change in a light and playful manner. Vincent was a leader in the high-end market of full custom super yachts for 15 years. There he learned to look for opportunities and deliver the highest quality possible in every aspect of the job. In 2018, he decided to shift full-time into working as a coach and a change leader based on the work of Transformational Presence.

I release and transcend ...

Joanna Maria Zawada


Passionate with Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching from
2012, brought TP to Poland in 2014 and from 2021 together with Patryk Lange and a group of transformational presence ambassadors co-creates the Institute of Transformational Presence in Poland. Leader of all TP signature programs, passionate of bringing leadership, connection and communication through transformation in business environment.


I believe that the journey creates a hero and hope you will join us on this one!

The sooner the cheaper



Early Bird (until 31.03.2024): PLN 4200 net

Standard: PLN 4600 net

Five days

The training


4 days, in-person


Nieprześnia near Cracow, Poland

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Through immersing into the program you will:


  • identify you unique purpose,

  • understand how this purpose maybe be lived through you,

  • be more cautious of how to use your inner and outer intention to make your Soul thrive,

  • learn to trust your intuition,

  • practice coherence between you Heart and Head, Soul and Ego,

  • lean with trust to the process of your own life,

  • feel own power and impact,

  • create your Life Vision that awakes your passions and makes every day pleasure to live.



Join Joanna and Vincent in a unique venue at Nieprześnia to dive deep into Soul and tap into its essence.


An intensive 4 -day retreat for COACHES, LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS


Soul Mission _Life Vision Program is an intensive 4 -day retreat to find your individual lifeline, the path that you feel most authentic on and able to live the life that’s meaningful and fulfilling.

Make your work more effective and efficient.

Transformational Presence will enable you to learn simple and effective tools that will make your work and the work of your team more effective and efficient.

Identyfy and name your Soul Mission.

Through a powerful process of spiritual connection, interactive exercises, meditation, and empowering steps, you will clearly identify and name your soul mission or life purpose. From there you will gain clarity about how that purpose wants to be lived and expressed on daily bases.


Odkryj swój sens i kierunek w życiu...

21 - 24 października 2024, Nieprześnia k. Krakowa

Misja duszy, wizja życia

16 lipca 2024

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